Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Crais (Walker Saga #3) by Jaymin Eve (Review)

   The third installment of the Walker Saga, Crais continues to trails and adventures of Abby and her gang, introducing a new hero named Fury, from planet Crais. The third half-Walker is very different from the other two with her power over fire and her snarky and angry attitude. Her personality definitely fits her name, Fury. From a planet of a scorching sun, she was forced to live underground so not to be burnt to death by the sun; at least until Abby and her band of heroes come needing Fury's help.
   I found Fury's angry disposition to be a little annoying but she started to grow on me towards the end. The story of Crais is fluent and intense. I didn't get far into the book before I was hooked. The story was very well developed and came with a wonderful bunch to twists and turns to keep the reader interested. Crais flowed seamlessly from the first two books in the series, Spurn and First World. The stories are all in the perspective of Abby, but Spurn and Crais both give you single chapter glimpses of some other characters perspectives. I found it to be an effective way to introduce and connect new characters to the readers. I totally recommend the Walker Saga and Crais, and give Crais the rating of FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!

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