Sunday, 17 May 2015

Evolution: HEX (The Evolution #3) by Starla Huchton (Review)

   As the third and final instalment of the Evolution series, Evolution: Hex is the conclusion of the adventures of Candace Bristol. Captured by HEX Candace is thrown into a new adventure with it's own challenges and dangers.
   I really enjoyed Evolution: HEX. I feel like it was the best book in the entire series, which is truly rare. I have not read many series that just got better further you get into it. I felt Evolution: HEX is the most productive book in the series when it came to story telling, and on top of that had the best plot.
   Once again, the romance was on point and carried well from Evolution: SAGE. I love the romantic interest Jackson. He is complex and full of surprises. He is also just such a sweet heart... and his fire bending is cool as heck. Speaking of powers, Candace's powers of water bending just get even more epic in this novel.
  The characters in this novel are very well developed by this book, and that very much improves the overall quality of the novel. In addition to the development of the characters, the relationship dynamics were also well done. Candace has a unique connection/relationship with every other character.
   Ultimately I really liked Evolution: HEX and give it the high rating of FOUR AND A HALF STARS OUT OF FIVE!

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