Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Ted Saves the World (Ted Saves the World #1) by Bryan Cohen (Review)

   Starting right off the bat with introducing Ted, one of the most awkward characters I have ever encountered in a novel in my entire life. I found the geeky-ness and awkwardness of Ted to be comedic and new. Ted has to be the most socially awkward hero I have ever run into. I found that Ted Saves the World to be a little too chopped up between perspectives. It jumped from character to character, not giving the reader opportunity to settle and connect to a character. On top of that I found the narrative voice to be bland and uninteresting.I had a hard time keeping myself engaged in this novel. I noticed I would easily be drawn away from the story.
  I like the concept of a nerdy boy saving the day from planetary destruction and all but I felt like the villains themselves were not given enough personality and backstory to be effective in making it seem like the world was in danger from them in the first place. Ultimately, I didn't enjoy Ted Saves the World and give it the rating of ONE STAR OUT OF FIVE!

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