Saturday, 16 May 2015

Evolution: SAGE (The Evolution #2) by Starla Huchton (Review)

   As the second instalment of the Evolution series, Evolution: SAGE continues the story of a young hero named Candace Bristol in her adventures and love life.  Trying to cope with the loss of her old boyfriend Adrian, Candace mourns and tries to move on; but it's not all that easy when her annoying team mate, Jackson won't stop picking fights with her and messing with her hormones. To top it off, the heroes are being subjected to new rounds of treatments to enhance their superpowers.
  I found Evolution: SAGE to be better then Evolution: ANGEL. I found the story to have more direction and plot/character development. The romance in this novel had so much tension it was amazing. I loved it. Jackson's character is truly explored in this novel, and his powers reach a whole new level of fire bending awesomeness. Similar to the first book, the super powers where a major plus on the cool factor. I thought that the battles with the superpowers were all epic and note worthy. I definitely recommended Evolution: SAGE. I liked it and I give it FOUR OUT OF FIVE STARS!

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