Friday, 27 June 2014

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Neverland by Anna Katmore (Review)

This is simply a great book. Anna ingeniously took Peter Pan and put a twist on it I would never had expected. Looking at the cover I had mused, "Romance, it must be Pan and Wendy falling in love. Nothing too special." But reading the synopsis, I suddenly REAALLY wanted to read this book. Captain Hook falling in love!! Such a great idea! But, the skeptic I sometimes am, I wanted to put it to the test. And the only way I can test it was to read the book. (Win, win for me) Reading the book, I was giddy from the beginning to the end, well with the exception of when this book had me in tears for reasons you'll have to read in the book to find out about. Its such an adventurous read. All I could think of opening the book was "To Neverland I go!!"
In this Hook is an intelligent heart throb that wants nothing more then to fix and restore Neverland... well that and get his treasure back from Peter Pan. Angelina McFarland is a normal collage girl from London, who after falling(literally)into Neverland, all she wants is to do is get back to her two baby sisters. Well... that's until she meets Hook. He seems to be a large distraction from the goal of going home.
Simply a must read. I give this little piece of Heaven on paper FIVE STARS!!

Thursday, 26 June 2014

The Vampire Stalker by Allison van Diepen (Review)

Interesting in theory,the idea that your favorite character in a novel would come to life and fall in love with you, sounds amazing! But in a real story, is not as good a story as it sounds. At least not in The Vampire Stalker. Don't get me wrong, its not a terrible read. But its definitely not one of my favorites. The very theory of the book is very interesting, and the book itself had many good theories and ideas, but was nothing deeply impacting. Nothing earth shattering. As teen novels go, its pretty run of the mill. The characters are fairly well developed but the story itself is not deep whatsoever. Alexander Banks is an interesting and brooding character, and Amy is the run of the mill teenage fan girl. Well, a teenage fan girl that's wildest dream comes true. All in all, I will only give it three stars.

The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson (Review)

     YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!! I LOOOOOOVEE THIS BOOK! OMGosh! Soooooo well written! Soooo well thought out and planed. I love every single word written by Mary in The Kiss of Deception. Whoooweee! I'm a sucker for a good plot-line. From the beginning to the end I couldn't decide who I was rooting for because the prince and the assassin were just so awesome! When I was reading my insides were always dancing in happiness.
      The main character deserves a definite "YOU GO GIRL!" and her family deserves a good shmuck upside their heads. Each moment in this book invokes emotion and passion. Its very clear that Mary (the author) knows what she was doing when she wrote this novel because I could not put it down. The character and plot development was amazing and perfectly done, and to top it off; you could cut through the romantic tension with a butter knife. As you can tell by my excited ranting, I very much enjoyed reading The Kiss of Deception. I am very excited to see what Mary does to continue the series. It was a joy to read, and I definitely recommend it. I give Kiss of Deception the illusive rating of FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!!!

The Last Princess by Galaxy Craze (Review)

   What the heck, did I just read that!? Terrible! Simply terrible! Riddled with plot holes and lacking any redeemable factors. Nothing personal to Galaxy Craze, but your book sucks.There is no connection with the people, no development in the characters. As I closed it I literally dropped it like it was on fire, disgusted by how boring and dull the story was. I kept hoping it would get better, so I read on, but in the end it never got better. It was a total waste of my time! This is going to be a short review, and I have no intention to read through the rest of the series. I give it two stars. And that's me being merciful. 

Illusive by Emily Lloyd-Jones (Review)

    Wow, this is one beautifully intense novel. This is captivating. This is an amazing book. When I finished I felt like Thor with coffee. 
    I can't express how happy I was to find such an action packed young-adult novel with minimal romance. Emily is one of the first young-adult authors that I know of that are so confident in their writing ability, that she didn't fall back on romance to make up the story's plot-line. The story is captivating and hypnotizing. With the awesome backdrop of Immunes, which are people with super powers like mind-reading and the ability to creating illusions, the story catches the attention of the readers. I'll be honest, it doesn't have the clearest plot-line and the bad guys. In this the good guys are crooks, prostitutes and thieves,and the bad guys are the government and the FBI. I felt very off kilter not just because of their rolls, but because the bad guys don't necessarily seem like bad people. So I believe this book earns four stars!

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Reviving Bloom by Michelle Turner (Review)

     Like Mcdonalds, BA DA BA BA BAAAA! I'm lovin' it!
Yes bewildered review reader. I did. Because this book is so good it has earned a funny and popular cultural reference.From the start to the finish I as captivated by this novel.
     Bloom is an amazing girl that has endured the unfortunate tragedy of loosing her father. But fortunately, where one door closes, another one opens. When she looses her father, her mate is brought into her life to love her. This story is heart wrenching and happy at the same time. This book me laugh,crying and giggling like and idiot in all the wrong public places while reading it. For example, in the middle of class.
    Yup, my teacher was very surprised to be interrupted by my laughter in the middle of her explanation! I'm a very composed reader, so the fact that it (being the book) made me react like that in front of people, speaks for it's self. So i'll leave you with this FIVE STARS!!