Friday, 27 June 2014

Neverland by Anna Katmore (Review)

This is simply a great book. Anna ingeniously took Peter Pan and put a twist on it I would never had expected. Looking at the cover I had mused, "Romance, it must be Pan and Wendy falling in love. Nothing too special." But reading the synopsis, I suddenly REAALLY wanted to read this book. Captain Hook falling in love!! Such a great idea! But, the skeptic I sometimes am, I wanted to put it to the test. And the only way I can test it was to read the book. (Win, win for me) Reading the book, I was giddy from the beginning to the end, well with the exception of when this book had me in tears for reasons you'll have to read in the book to find out about. Its such an adventurous read. All I could think of opening the book was "To Neverland I go!!"
In this Hook is an intelligent heart throb that wants nothing more then to fix and restore Neverland... well that and get his treasure back from Peter Pan. Angelina McFarland is a normal collage girl from London, who after falling(literally)into Neverland, all she wants is to do is get back to her two baby sisters. Well... that's until she meets Hook. He seems to be a large distraction from the goal of going home.
Simply a must read. I give this little piece of Heaven on paper FIVE STARS!!

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