Thursday, 21 May 2015

The Corridor (The Corridor Series #1) by A.N. Willis (Review)

   In The Corridor, there are multiple dimensions and universes, and the main character Stel Alaster can open portals to them all on her own. When her world is threatened by the potential creation of a new Corridor, which could cause a second Pulse and kill everyone; she is forced on an adventure with two 'other dimensions' inhabitants.
   Very intense and thrilling, The Corridor takes the reader on an adventure through dimensions and parallel worlds. I found The Corridor to be interesting and pretty creative in it's concepts and story telling. Also, I found myself very emotional when it came to the father. His character was very kind, yet such a workaholic I found myself very frustrated with him.
    I loved the romantic interest in this novel, with his intelligence and strength... and general hotness; but I struggled with his moodiness. To top that off, I was bothered how they just made the other guy kinda just disappear from the story. I found it abrupt and a little lazy. (I specifically did not use names to prevent spoilers)
  I liked Stel as a character. She is loving, strong, intelligent and resourceful. Plus, her powers were pretty awesome. Her ability to open portals between her hands, where ever she is leaves a lot of opportunity for awesome plot twists and turns in future novels. I am interested to see where this series goes and give The Corridor FOUR OUT OF FIVE STARS!
*Advanced Readers Copy Review*

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