Sunday, 31 August 2014

Angelbound by Christina Bauer (Review)

 Yup, I love this book. Angelbound is about purgatory, heaven, hell, ghouls, cool tails, gladiator battles, a kick butt heroine, and destiny. Which in case you don’t know, makes up for a heck of a good read. Christina’s voice is very much defined in this book, and makes for a smooth read. It does not have a boring moment, and the villains are truly despicable, which gets the rise out of every reader. Like I mentioned before, this book has an incredible kick butt heroine. She is an inhabitant of purgatory, and equipped with her awesome demon tail, she fights the truly bad guys in the arena, to make sure they go to hell like they are supposed to. Her name is Myla. Myla is a half demon… need I say more about how epic this is? This book and all its characters deserve the rating I am giving it. Five stars for Angelbound!

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