Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Under the Never Sky Series by Veronica Rossi (Review)

    I was going to do reviews for each book in the series separately, but as I finished the series I realized I gave them each the same rating. So to speed things up for you the curious reader, I will review the entire series in one fowl swoop. 

   So, book one is Under the Never Sky. This book is very in-depth and interesting. The premise is post apocalyptic, with a tinge of "whats wrong with us today". It touches on many current day problem such as pollution and its damage on the environment, segregation due to differences, and the constant use of technology. All in all, this action packed romance has a lot of moral lesson. It is a worth while read.

   Book two is called Through the Ever Night. This was an emotional book. I'll be honest, it had me crying a lot. I cried a river then went rafting down it. *the feels* In addition, I learned in this book that Veronica is a very smart author in the way she made every book connect seamlessly, but separately each book had its own major challenge. I believe that that is why I was never bored reading this trilogy. Although, Through the Ever Night was my least favorite book of the series, it was still a very good read.

   The third and final book is Into the Still Blue. After the last two books, I was glad to find the third book was dealing with the ultimate and underlying problem in the entire series. This book was a giant do or die. Very intense. I refuse to give away anything that could ruin anything for you the potential reader, to be safe Ill stop here.

   All of these books are very good, not the best books that have ever read, but they are better then a lot of the books that have been coming out recently. I do recommend it, but not to people who are sick of post apocalyptic novels.. So, as I said in the beginning I gave all of the books, in the end, the same rating. I give these books each FOUR STARS!!      

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