Sunday, 3 August 2014

More than Jamie Baker by Kelly Oram (Review)

    More Than Jamie Baker is the second book of the Jamie Baker series, I have already reviewed the first book in this series (Being Jamie Baker) here:
So, what are my thoughts on this book, you wonder. This... book... is...better than the first book! And that was already FIVE STARS! Congratulations Kelly, you have topped, to me, the unstoppable. So what are my reasons for loving this book? They are the following: Each and every character is well developed and a clear in the mind of the reader; specifically I love Ryan and Jamie, and its chock full of action and adventure. I was never bored for a second. This book sucked me in and shoved me into the world created by Kelly Oram, where I willingly stayed prisoner. Heads up, it has a surprise ending, and the next book has yet to be published. This book is super interesting because its premise is "classic super hero heroism" meets the university student life. I hate Spoilers, so I'll stop here and tell you, five stars!!

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