Sunday, 10 August 2014

Phantom by Laura DeLuca (Review)

    Ooooooh, a book about a high school version of Phantom of the Opera. That’s perfect for me. I love Phantom of the Opera with a passion. I know every line and song lyric off by heart, and that leads up to the first thing that stuck out at me while reading this novel. The song lyrics used in this book are different from my knowledge of Phantom of the Opera, very disorienting and it throws me out of the story. It might have been done for legal purposes, but still made the reading experience less than optimal. This book is a suspense thriller, but still even knowing that, I kind of found disturbing with the use of serial killers, and Wicka (a.k.a witch craft). Good concept, bad moral standing, which for some is not a big deal, but for me it sours the entire reading experience. In the end, it was only okay. I give it three stars.

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