Thursday, 3 March 2016

Pull by Anne Riley (Review)

    In a magical form of London, time travel is a real... well partially. Certain people can pull back time by a couple minutes, just enough time to stop horrible things from happening. This is a world Rosie Clayton is violently thrown into when she witnesses a mugging on her first night in London, and then time rewinds. From there on her life is changed. She is faced with trials, mysteries, magic, danger, crazy kidnappers and homicidal gunmen.
     Pull was pretty good, but was also pretty bland at the same time. They were many unique and interesting moments in the novel, but sometimes I found the story to slow down a lot. There was some discontinuity between Rosie's home life and the action packed dangerous life she lived when she left then house. She didn't really behave at home like a girl who just saw someone get mugged then have something as insane a time reverse happen to her. I did like her as a character and found her friends to be very interesting. Romance wise, the story was not chock full of lovey-dovey stuff. There was a wee bit of romance, but not enough to be called a YA romance novel. Plot wise, the storytelling was okay. The story was pretty slow at first, but really gets the reader engaged later in the novel. Overall, Pull was not bad and I give it the rating of THREE AND A HALF STARS!
*Advanced Readers Copy Review*

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