Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Amid Wind & Stone (Otherselves #2) by Nicole Luiken (Review)

    The second novel in the Otherselves series, Amid Wind and Stone introduces two new universes and worlds to the series. The steam punk world of Wind and the post apocalyptic world of Stone are each unique and interesting to read about. In these new worlds Audrey and Dorotea are faced with the challenges of saving their worlds from an evil sorceress that wants to kill their soulmates and shatter their universes.
    I loved this novel. It's rich and deep characters were perfectly complimented by their unique and entertaining universes. They were all very rounded and easy to get attached too. Plot wise, the story was very well written. It had me almost unable to put the book down for a minute. I loved the magical feel that came with the novel. Each mirror world was interesting by it's own merit and together created a one of a kind story. I found the mode of story telling to be interesting. Each chapter would end on mini cliff hanger that had me dying to keep reading. I really enjoyed Amid Wind and Stone and give it the rating of FOUR AND A HALF STARS OUT OF FIVE!!!
*Advanced Readers Copy Review*

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