Thursday, 23 April 2015

Maxon by Christina Bauer (Review)

    I loved it! Once again Christina Bauer has written an amazing and creative young adult novel. Maxon is the fourth book in the Angelbound series. It's about the original characters amazingly fabulous son Maxon, which the readers had already gotten so connected to in the last book when he was a super adorable three year old. On top of Maxon, it follows the story of the newest queen of the water elements. She has a hefty responsibility heaped on her to protect a special orb that she can infuse with her power to share it with others, and an entire kingdom. The king of the Air elements want the orb and her powers, and will do anything to get it. When Maxon and Lianna meet sparks fly and danger strikes.
    I loved the romance in this novel. It was so well developed that my heart was overjoyed by it. Maxon and Lianna were amazing characters, they were both spunky and sassy. I love them. Aside from the relationships, the action scenes and powers/ablities were truly epic. I have a slight love with the dragons tails that Maxon and his mother have. They are some of the coolest things I have ever read about. Beyond that I love were Christina is taking the Angelbound universe, and I mean universe. Christina has thoroughly set the stage for any stories she wants to do from this point out. Now all of the cultures are set and the social constructs set. I love the introduction of elemental powers into the Angelbound series in this novel. I love it!
    If I were to nitpick I do have one or two complaints. The first one would be the lack of development into the problem that Maxon was a giant playboy. I felt that should have been confronted and overcome. The last complaint would be with Lianna's ex. I feel like his role in the novel was not developed to its full potential. Past that I still really loved Maxon and recommend the entire Angelbound series. I give Maxon FOUR AND A HALF STARS OUT OF FIVE!
*Advanced Readers Copy Review*

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