Thursday, 2 April 2015

Dreamfire by Kit Alloway (Review)

   I surprisingly loved this book. I went in with lower expectations to be more then pleasantly surprised to find out I loved it. I found that the authors voice was clean and fired off my imagination. I could not put it down. I love the concept that 'every nightmare needs a hero' which the story is based on. It is very imaginative and uplifting. I am happy to say that the dynamics and romance in this novel was spot on. (Although keep in mind that this novel does not revolve around the romance what-so ever.) (Quick aside: I love the cover of this novel. It is so bright and lovely that it caught my eye from the very first time I saw it.)
     All of the characters were so solid and rounded it was amazing. I felt that  there never was a weak or un-though out character in this novel. I love how strong and independent the main female protagonist was while maintaining vulnerability and deep emotional depth. To fit her as a character,
her apprentice was a perfectly created character. He came from a rarely mentioned place in life, poverty. He came with wounds and yet was strong in his own vulnerable way. Dreamfire is unique with the way that the author made the all of the male characters strong, but not to the exaggerated "uber manly" way that most male characters are nowadays in our movies and books. Really, all of the characters are unique from the norm. The only way I could really describe the difference is that it felt that the characters in the novel, male or female, is that they are more realistically human. I defiantly recommend Dreamfire, I loved it. I give it the rating of FOUR AND A HALF  OUT OF FIVE STARS!!
*Advanced Readers Copy Review*

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