Thursday, 23 April 2015

Sing For Me by Gracie Madison (Review)

     In this novel, angels and demons are at War. In the world of angels there are special angels called Choirs. They were born for music. Their voices can can hurt. Their scream can kill. Their emotions are forbidden. They are being hunted. In this story, the Choirs are hiding as humans on earth. Who from, a ex angel and his cult following. In the process, a Choir named Madeline has to fight her attraction to her guardian, because her emotion are forbidden and can kill. *Warning Adult Content*
    I kind of enjoyed Sing for Me. It had many good moments and dynamics between Madeline and her friends and guardians, but at the same time had many dull moments. When I declare somthing dull, it does not mean nothing was happening in the story. It just means the story was not written well enough to keep my interest in the story, and I have many moments like that in this novel.
    I did find the performance scenes had me thinking of Christine by Phantom of the Opera, with her passion and power in music. Those parts I enjoyed along with the bit of romance and action in the story. The romance in this novel definitely had its moments, but I found that like the rest of the story, it got very dull at times. I give Sing for Me TWO AND A HALF STARS OUT OF FIVE!

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