Friday, 14 November 2014

Misty Falls (Benedicts #4) by Joss Stirling (Review)

    *Squeal!* I LOVE Misty Falls. Joss was playing my heart strings like a master musician in the orchestra, and had me wrapped around her finger in this thrilling love story of Misty Falls. Misty Falls is the fourth installment of the Benedicts series. In a world of savants (people who have special powers and soul mates, known as soulfinders) Misty seems to have drawn the short stick. In a world where her friends and family can bend fire and see the future, the lack of ability to lie seems quite lame. One day, everything in her life changes with the meeting of her soulfinder, and with a killer on the loose, danger and intrigue is in the air.  I loved Misty and Alex in this novel. They were an amazingly adorable couple that had me constantly sighing happily.  My favorite part of this novel must definitely be the shock and mystery of the identity of the killer. (Don’t worry, no spoilers) I most definitely congratulate Joss for her new and once again successful novel, and can’t wait for the next one to come out and play my heart! I most definitely recommend this book to all (Especially romance lovers)!  I give Misty Falls the honoured and hard to get FIVE STARS!!!

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