Thursday, 13 November 2014

Deadly Pack (Deadly Trilogy #3) by Ashley Stoyanoff (Review)

   This is the third installment of the Deadly Trilogy. I love Ashley Stoyanoff’s voice as an author in these books. It’s very strong and unique, making for a smooth and clean read. Deadly Pack is a novel about werewolves, their two new pack leaders Jade and Aiden, and the danger of the cougar pack plotting against them. This book has had very good transition into its action and serious scenes, you could almost say it was seamless. Now, I did have a big problem with this book, which was the morally questionable actions (for example, being by-standers to murder and abuse) of the main protagonists.  As a pack, and in the pack dynamic, there are some things done that I can’t see a normal person just standing by and let happen. This most definitely takes away a lot of relatability from the pack and their leaders. Relatability can make or break a book, and unfortunately for Deadly Pack, it broke this book. It just maintained bearable status. I give this book two stars.
*Advanced Readers Copy Review*

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