Friday, 14 July 2017

Persuasion (Curse of the Gods #2) by Jane Washington and Jaymin Eve (Review)

    The second installment of the Curse of the Gods series, Persuasions keeps on the with the adventures of the every clumsy Willa Knight and her gang of powerful Abcurse brothers. The gods are out to get them, and they are targeting the weakest link, Willa. Ever clumsy, weak and very much mortal Willa. The Abcurse brothers, being as crazy possessive as they are, do not like this at all, and decide to kill anything that tries to hurt what's theirs. Seems simple enough to them. But when the god of chaos himself gets involved and starts showing interest in the enigma that is Willa, things really pick up and the danger ramps up.
      First off, I'm going to state my big problem with this novel before I start listing what I like about it. It contains some pretty sexual content. Way more so then was in the first novel. I don't like the trend this is following. I do not like pornography in my literature and would hope that I don't have to stop reading this series because of it. Also the five way sexual tension seems to be continuing past its time. I'm starting to wonder if the authors actually plan on have a polygamous relationship in the novel instead of simply choosing a specific brother to be the romantic lead. That too would be a deal breaker for me and many of my fellow readers. Now, with all of that stated, what did I like about the book. I find the narrative voice of Willa to be hilarious. I love her sassy inner monologue and commentary. She by far is the best part of this series. Her variety of sassy female narrative is a staple throughout Jaymin Eve's writings, and is one of the reasons I'm a huge fan of her. Plot wise, the story had good pacing and development. It was engaging throughout the full novel, only when things get too sexual did I find myself disengaging from the book. The brothers are actually really hard to distinguish between, but I found I didn't mind all that much. They were all kick-butt and epic alone and as a unit. Their dynamic with Willa is incredibly funny and adds flavor to the novel. All in all, minus the sexual content, this was a good novel and I give Persuasion the rating of FOUR OUT OF FIVE STARS!
*Advanced Readers Copy Review*

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