Monday, 17 July 2017

Fallen Flame (Fallen Flame #1) by J.M. Miller (Review)

        Magic is long dead... or at least it should be. Vala is a sign of a time once thought to be over. A time when magic ruled the world and otherworldly beings lived alongside humans. Vala hard chard, rock-like skin that could only come about in one way... magic. Because of this, Vala has been ostracized her entire life and feared by almost all on her small island. She still has a job though. Because of her skin, she makes the perfect guard for the prince. She is a skilled fighter, on top of her intimidation factor in which she was chosen for, based on her lava rock like skin. When there is an assassination attempt on the prince's life, Vala is thrown into a dangerous mystery where she bears to lose everything: the prince, her position in the guard and her very beliefs. Confronted with this conflicting problem, she will have to figure out friend from foe, and truth from lie. 
        I found this novel surprisingly fun to read. It's hidden plot parts had me wondering where things were going and really what type of novel it would be in the first place. I didn't really characterize it form the starts so most of the plot points were all fun, new and exciting. I liked Vala. Her unique situation was riveting to read about and her characters was fairly well developed, similarly to the plot. The magical element was riveting and had me constantly guessing what Vala's history was. How she got the way she was, and what the full extent of her abilities are.  All in all, I really like Fallen Flame and I give it the rating of FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!!!
*Advanced Readers Copy Review*

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