Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Party March 8th 2015 Reveals!

       Coming this Sunday (March 8th 2015) we will be celebrating my one year anniversary of The Not So Public Library! The celebration will be taking place on Facebook in the form GIVEAWAYS, CHATS WITH AUTHORS AND MINI-GAMES. To the side are your three hints of just some of the giveaways that will be taking place in the amazing celebration of amazingness. (Good incentive to be there and bring your friends.)
       Now its time to announce some of the authors that will be dropping in for chats and to hang with you awesome people! They are... (drum roll please)...  Christina Bauer, Aileen Erin, Joss Stirling, Teri Brown, A. L. Waddington, Lisa Green and Shannon Alexander!
       Mark it on your calendar and be there! Here is the link to the facebook page where all of this awesomeness will be happening!  https://www.facebook.com/events/600339733425586/


  1. When is this supposed to start?

    I'm in New York

  2. If I did my calculations right, it should start in NY at 12:30 PM and go until 9:30PM :)