Monday, 8 September 2014

Cinder and Ella by Kelly Oram (Review)

    *Slow clapping* Congrats Kelly, you have stolen my heart again. As you might know from my past reviews of Kelly Oram's books (links below) I simply love her writing. I had high expectations with her newest novel Cinder and Ella, and she did not disappoint. I was adamantly reading this book from page one of the prologue. Mainly because it tells of a teenage girl reviewer, which I obviously connect with... being one. Then goes on to tell of a tragedy that I will not spoil that had me crying like a baby. Cinder and Ella is a very modern love story in so many ways, but mainly because Ella and Cinder fall in love via email. Now, don't get me wrong, this is not just some lame mushy story, this book if full of nerdy quirks and tragic sad moments. But to its core, it just made me so happy to read, and brightened my day so much. I recommend this to all the nerds and happily ever after moment fans, because this book would be right up your ally.  I loved this book so much and was honored to be one of the first to read it. I give it a whopping FIVE STARS!!
Look out for October 2nd 2014 where I will be interviewing Kelly Oram and doing an awsome givaway! Spread the word!! 
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