Thursday, 18 September 2014

Black City by Elizabeth Richards (Review)

This book is definitely a painful read. Vampire apocalypses. Need I say more? This book, although with its interesting twists and turns, was a depressing and agonizing read.  It involves drug addicts, vampire ghettos, child torture, and other unhappy things.  If you want a happy go lucky romance, don’t even touch this book. It’s not terrible read, and it has beautiful romantic moments, but I felt like crap when I finally put down the book. In this novel, the vampire populations is oppressed and thrown into ghettos. They don’t like that, and the humans hate them. Their venom is like a drug to humans, and that is causing even more problems. With all this interspecies friction, it sets up a stage for a vampire Romeo (who sides as a drug dealer) and a human Juliet. While I give this book the respect it deserves, it only gets two stars.  I don’t really recommend it, it’s not that fun a read. Well, two stars is two stars.

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