Monday, 1 September 2014

Dear readers,

     I, The Reader, author of The Not So Public Library, am informing you of what will be coming up during the next bit. Starting this week, I will be heading back to school and will have less time to read and review books. I will still being reviewing and posting, but at a slower pace. This will continue through the school year, and will return back to normal once my summer starts up again. 
     Also, I am informing you, the readers, that you can request book reviews. If you have a young adult book you want me to review before you read it, feel free to message me. In addition I will be trying to keep you informed of all things young adult. I do ask for patience because I do believe that my education comes first, so I will have substantially less time the blog and reading.
     You can look forward to an interview with Kelly Oram, in addition a big giveaway of Kelly Oram’s books. You can also look forward to reviews of the newest up and coming books and more author interviews and book announcements.
    Sincerely and all the best,

       The Reader

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