Sunday, 28 September 2014

Bound (Bound Trilogy #1) by Kate Sparks (Review)

This book gave me so many mixed emotions, but the majority were positive. I loved Rowan and Aren, they were so very lovely and deep as characters.  But there was far less intrigue and action then I would have liked. It’s romance factors were beautiful, and made me fall in love as well, but to take away some of the romantic limelight, I really noticed that it did not have truly satisfying conflict with the villains.  Adding to that, I believe there was some room for improvement in the backstory department. Aren definitely gets his limelight, but Rowan needed just a little more backstory on what it was like being raised in a culture where magic is destroyed and having her parents kept her, knowing she had the loathed magic, but did something to block her powers at the same time. They bound her, locking her magic down, and as you would expect, the overflow and pressure is killing her. The magic binding is obviously what inspired the title “Bound”.  Aren is a prince of a magical kingdom, who is definitely no knight in shining armor, and Rowan is a Bound sorceress in a culture that persecutes magic and anybody who has it. Needless to say, they are like Romeo and Juliet in the way that both their families and cultures hate each other with a passion. A violent passion. I personally enjoyed the book, so I’ll give it four stars!
*Advanced Readers Copy Review*

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