Saturday, 21 April 2018

The Viking's Chosen (Clan Hakon #1) by Quinn Loftis (Review)

     The start of a new series by Quinn Loftis, The Viking's Chosen is great junk food to read. You know that it's not really good for you, but you love how it tastes. In the world of The Viking's Chosen, there are seers, healers, witches, Vikings and princesses; oh my! Torben is the military leader of a nordic Viking tribe, one that is about to attack the kingdom of Princess Allete. Allete is a healer, and is about to be forced to marry a monster of a man, also known as the King of the powerful kingdom of  Tara. With prophesies and espionage, The Viking's Chosen takes the readers on a fun and adventurous ride. 
      A fun read, The Viking's Chosen was a classic Viking romance but cleaned up for a YA audience. Torben and Allete, although not original characters, were fun characters that were both strong and loving. Torben is a hunky romantic and Allete is a soft hearted fighter. With Allete willing to sacrifice anything for her kingdom, and with Torben willing to sacrifice anything for Allete, they make quite a pair. Although I did have one peace of confusion, the first chapter in the book doesn't seem to tie in with anything in the story. I assume its meant for the overall series' story, but in the context of jus this book it made no sense. All in all, I give The Viking's Chosen the honest rating of FOUR AND A HALF STARS OUT OF FIVE!!!
*Advanced Readers Copy Review*

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