Friday, 27 July 2018

Not Even Bones by Rebecca Schaeffer (Review)

      Nita is a psychopath. She spends her days cutting up and dissecting murdered supernatural creatures and people. She's done this ever since she was a child, raised by black market body part traffickers and murderers. She keeps herself sane by only dealing with the dead, but one day, when her mother brings a living boy in to be cut up, Nita crosses a line. She saves the boy, and the consequences of this choice and unpredictable. Nita herself is not fully human, and that makes her sellable as well. To survive she will have to cross lines and make unlikely friends. 
         This book is super gory. Like 90% of the time, its describing some kind of gore or violence. It was very disturbing and made me feel sick to my stomach. This is far from a happy-go-lucky story. I wouldn't recommend it in that way at all. The authors voice it fairly clear and consistent, which is nice. The plot is also fairly well developed for what it is. I have to grant the book these things. Now taking in the immense darkness, violence and gore, I would not recommend Not Even Bones. Its just too graphic. I give Not Even Bones the rating of THREE AND A HALF STARS OUT OF FIVE!!!
*Advanced Readers Copy Review*

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