Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Bring Me Their Hearts by Sara Wolf (Review)

     A refreshingly creative fantasy novel, Bring Me Their Hearts tells a dark and fascinating fairy tale that feels oddly real. Zera is a monster... and only 16 years old. Her heart was stolen from her chest by a witch 3 years ago, making Zera a Heartless; a slave to the witch Nightsinger. Along with Zera, Nightsinger has the hearts of two other children, and after years of service gives Zera an ultimatum. If she takes the heart of the prince and turns him into a Heartless slave, her and the other two get their hearts back and get set free. If not, Zera's heart gets shattered and destroyed.
        Thrilling, magical and twisted; Bring Me Their Hearts has a wonderful narrative voice that weaves a fascinating world full of beauty and danger. Zera is a strong and witty heroine that has suffered greatly in her short life, and the suffering is not yet over. The other characters felt well rounded and solidified. The prince felt visceral and I could visualize him with crystal clear clarity, which I have released I can't do with most descriptions of attractive male characters, usually the description are too vague and up to interpretations. I also loved the conflict in this novel because it was both internal and external. All in all, I loved Bring Me Their Hearts and give it the happy rating of FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!!!
*Advanced Readers Copy Review*

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