Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Wendy Darling: Stars (Wendy Darling #1) by Colleen Oakes (Review)

      Amazing, dangerous and intense; Wendy Darling: Stars brings readers into the world of Peter Pan and Neverland from their childhoods, but with a dark twist. When the infamous Pan comes into the lives of the Darlings, their lives are thrown into chaos and are infected with a dark, dangerous magic. With mystery and death around every corner, Wendy Darling does everything she can do to survive and keep her brothers intact.
      I loved this novel. Its storytelling was masterful and its characters were amazing. Each moment of the story was captivating, drawing the readers in and hooking them so they simply cannot get enough of it. Wendy is a strong, lovable and highly intelligent character. Her reactions to the world and her action in the world of Neverland are done perfectly, pushing on the plot and the story. There is romance in this novel, and I thought it was tastefully done and left me wanting more. Wendy's brothers were each unique and very well developed, especially the five year old. I loved that child, and as I read all I wanted to do was give that kid a big hug. He was extremely adorable. This novel is action pack and on the darker side. I was hooked from the beginning to the end, and cannot wait until the next novel in the series is released! I definitely recommend Wendy Darling: Stars, and give it the rating of FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!!! 
*Advanced Readers Copy Review*

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