Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Earth: The Final Battle (Walker Saga #7) by Jaymin Eve (Review)

   Captivating and satisfying, Earth: The Final Battle concludes the much loved Walker Saga. Finding the final half walker girl and wrapping up the epic battle to save the worlds, Earth takes the reader on an intense and riveting adventure filled with mystery, danger and kick butt comedy. A great installment to the series, Earth adds new elements to the Walker universe and deepens the story even more.
   I found in this novel, every second was riveting and captivating. The characters, new and old to the story, all were well developed and rounded throughout the novel. I am still very much in love the narrative voice Jaymin presents in her story telling. She has a perfect balance of intrigue, romance and humor throughout her books. I only have one complaint about earth and it is a small one. I felt the final battle was just a wee bit anti-climactic, but I'm not really sure that could be avoided since it has six books building up to one battle. I loved the resolution of this novel. I felt it properly wrapped up the amazing saga. It was heart wrenching, but gave the readers the closure they needed to finish the novel properly.
     Ultimately, I loved Earth: The Final Battle, and the whole Walker Saga. I definitely recommend you take the time to read it. It just might become your new all time favorite series! I give Earth: The Final Battle FOUR AND A HALF STARS OUT OF FIVE!!!
*Advanced Readers Copy Review*

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