Tuesday, 6 January 2015

March 8th Anniversary Teaser!

  Now, lets do a game! I will show you some portions of book covers of some of the books that I will be giving away March 8th 2015, and your job is to guess which book it is in the comments! Here we go!

   Be Prepared! Coming March 8th 2015, there will be giveaways, Giveaways, GIVEAWAYS! This will be a monumental celebration of my first year anniversary of The Not So Public Library, and being a YA reviewer! I will being giving away books, swag packs, signed bookmarks and other awesome treats. In addition to that epicness, there will be phenomenal YA authors guest staring and chatting with all of ya'll. Some will even be speaking to you guys as their characters!! Mark this awesome event on your calendars and be there!

    On March 8th, chats, games and mini giveaways will be taking place on the Facebook event, link here:
TNSPLblog Anniversary Party!

     And for larger giveaways (of which there will be many of), they will be hosted here on The Not So Public Library! But don't worry, I'll be keeping all of the Facebook attendees up to date and aware of all of the giveaway developments over here!
Save the date!! Be there and bring your friends for an awesome celebration of everything Young-Adult and The Not So Public Library!

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