Friday, 2 January 2015

Broken Skies (Broken Skies #1) by Theresa Kay (Review)

    Aliens, abductions, and romance. Oh my! The end of the world has come and gone, and 90% of the human population is dead. Not long after, an alien species known as the E’rikon lands on the planet and unexpectedly... just completely ignores the humans. Well, that is until they land in a field and take Jax's twin brother Jace. Jax will do anything to save her brother, including work with another alien named Lir. As they travel to save her brother, love starts to kindle.
     I very much enjoyed  Broken Skies with its riveting adventure and romance. The sparks were flying and the story was catching fire. Theresa Kay was a genius as she put so many opportunities and character diversity in her novel. It left the reader constantly guessing and predicting. This novel was extremely interesting and I really enjoyed reading it. I simply cannot wait for the next novel in the Broken Skies series. I definitely recommend this book and give it the rating of FOUR OUT OF FIVE STARS!
*Advanced Reader's Copy review*

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