Thursday, 23 October 2014

Sunset Rising by S.M.McEachern (Review)

    Very interesting plot line for sure, and is quite relevant to this time, with nuclear warheads being in the US being in the news recently.  Sunset rising is about Sunset O’Donnell, an “urchin” in in a post-apocalyptic world. In her world, nuclear war has struck, forcing a city and some of the military to take residence in a created environment called “The Dome”.  Early on, the leader of the military forces the civilians who took refuge there into a contract that makes them nothing more than slaves, and guarantees they will be killed or “culled” fifty years old. Three hundred some years later in comes Sunset. The labor and treatment of her people has gotten worse, and the age of culling has been lowered to thirty-five years old. Sunny gets sucked into a political scandal unwittingly, and everything in her hard by mundane life changes. The people like her, living in the “Pit”, want change, want freedom, and equality; and with Sunny’s scandal, they might just be ready to fight for it.

    I really enjoyed this book, it was increasingly interesting and action packed. Although, I do feel like it dragged on a bit. I feel like things didn't need to take as long to pick up as they did. The rising action didn't really start until I was around thirty-eight percent into the book. That was a long thirty-eight percent of reading time. But I believe that it was totally worth it, because once it picked up, I fell in love. I honestly do recommend this book and give it a sold rating of four stars.

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