Wednesday, 21 October 2015

The Thirteenth World (The Corridor #2) by A.N. Willis (Review)

    The second novel in The Corridor series, The Thirteenth World is a thrilling conclusion to the adventures of Stel Alaster and her loved ones. The Corridor is a ticking time bomb, ready and primed to blow the multiverse to smithereens. Stel is the only thing that can save not the just one world, but all of the worlds.  Facing impossible odds Stel and her loved ones fight to stop the Corridor from destroying everyone and everything.
     I found The Thirteenth World to be a satisfying and emotional conclusion to the series. It was action packed and full of interesting scifi moments that kept my attention as a reader pretty well. The narrative in the novel did have its boring moments, but overall it was a very captivating story. I found the concept of being able to travel through the multiverses at will to be epic. It was exciting and added a uniqueness to the main character Stel. Without a doubt, through this novel you can watch the characters grow and change as they face new dangers and complications in their mission to save the worlds.
       I enjoyed this novel, and think some young adult scifi readers would simply fall in love with this series. I give The Thirteenth World FOUR OUT OF FIVE STARS!!!
*Advanced Readers Copy Review*

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