Friday, 31 July 2015

Unmade (Entangled #2) by Amy Rose Capetta (Review)

   The second installment of the Entangled series, Unmade finishes off the story of Entangled in a very disappointing and erratic manner. I found Unmade's plot to be very badly written, and all over the place. It was hard to follow and uninteresting to read. The characters are very badly developed in this novel. I could not empathize with any of them. When I tried to understand the villains, hero's or in-between I either found their actions were not backed up in anyway prior in the story, or that they really had no logical motivations at all. There were so many unexplained things in this novel that it drove me crazy. For example: The villains origin and how they ALL were defeated, how earth was fine all along, how the hero in the novel came up with half of the thoughts and plans she did; even though it they did not follow her train of thought.
   As a reading experience, Unmade was sub-par and I do not recommend it. I found Unmade difficult to digest, and had to force myself to read it. Advice for the author would have to be 1) plan out your plot in detail before you start writing, and make sure you cut the boring, unnecessary and illogical parts out. And 2) Make sure you know your characters super well, make them round characters, and on top of that make sure to leave clues in their thoughts and actions so the readers can also get a firm grasp on the characters.
    Ultimately, my honest rating for this book would have to be ONE OUT OF FIVE STARS!
*Reviewers Copy review*

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