Saturday, 4 July 2015

Siren's Fury (The Storm Siren Trilogy #2) by Mary Weber (Review)

  The second installment of The Storm Siren Trilogy, Siren's Fury starts off by devastating the reader and removing the two best components of Siren's Storm. From there it seemed to be all down hill. 97% of the novel seemed to be politics, which was dreadfully boring to read about. I was so disappointed by this turn of event, mainly because I had loved the first novel in the series.
   The characters seemed more and more dull and flat further you got into the book. That is because they did not seemed to grow and change with the story as it progressed. If anything, their behavior felt less and less consistent to their character. There were very few moments of intrigue in the novel and it not very interesting as a whole. Hopefully these problems are resolved by the next novel in the series, but for now, I do not recommend Siren's Fury to anybody and give it the honest and disappointed rating of TWO OUT OF FIVE STARS!
*Advanced Readers Copy Review*

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