Thursday, 20 March 2014

Storm and Stone (Review)

                                                          FIVE STARS!!!!!
    When I first realized that my favorite author had written another book. I was like 

    And then I was like

    After a near fatal fangirl attack, I immediately ran out and got a hold of Storm and the Stone. 


   Where to start, where to start… Let’s start with the wonderful and enigmatic Kieran Storm. For all those lady fans of BBC’s Sherlock Holmes, these are the books for you! Kieran is Sherlock personified, with his ability of deduction and hyper intelligence, meets James Bond! That’s right! Kieran Storm is a super sly spy on top of his super amazing Sherlock-like-ness. Can it get any better?? I would have loved the book just for that reason, but then he falls in love with a kick butt heroine Raven Stone. So yes! It can get better!
   Raven is no damsel in distress. Not this girl. No, she is an independent, strong, courageous, intelligent, and will not put up with your crap. Which causes some problems for Kieran because, being a spy investigating her boarding school, he’s been lying about pretty much everything. Why Kieran is investigating her boarding school, you may ask. Kieran and his partner Joe are investigating the disappearances of children in the school, being the children of powerful people, the government took notice. Following the disappearances, some children started returning… completely brainwashed into snobbish sociopaths.
   This book is chock full of action, adventure, and smoking hot kisses. No joke, in one scene, right before the intelligent Kieran and talented Raven preform a dance together, he plants an unexpected but romantic kiss on her, their first kiss. When I read this I was like

                       Finally, somebody wrote the perfect kiss scene! Bravo! Bravo!
                       Then the dance scene happened and I just died from happiness

   THIS IS A MUST READ!! In the first 5 pages it became one of my favourite books ever!! Awesome from the character development, to the perfect storyline. Recommended for everybody! This book is simply beautiful. Hope I didn't spoil to much ;p

Sunday, 9 March 2014

The Best Series Ever (Review)

The Benedicts Series by Joss Stirling  
Five stars!! Amazing! Superb! Addicting!
     This series is perfect, simply perfect. From the character development to the witty humor mixed in. The series depicts the stories of three young adults who meet their soul-mates. Only, in ways you would never expect. Plus, just to make things cooler, they're all Savants. 
       What is a savant, you might ask. A savant is a person with a special ability. For example: Telekinesis, pyrokinesis, time control, mind control, emotion viewing and draining. They are also special because they have the ability to know their soul-mates when they touch them, opening a bond. 
      But oops! I believe that these books are about exceptions to the rule! Each story is masterfully written about three girls (Sky, Phoenix, and Crystal) who meet their soul mates, but have some complication in their bonds and lives. With the dangerous, romantic, and witty atmosphere; the reader is sucked in and hypnotized. For all those with a deeply romantic side, there is the Benedict brothers. These three brothers (out of seven) known as Zed, Xav and Yves, are smokingly attractive, brooding, and kind hearted. So pretty much every girls dream. Don't worry thought! These books aren't just romance and some fluff, they have action, danger, and mystery. Involving life sucking witches, mobsters, and king pins. These books are full of ups and down, left and rights, plot twists and surprises!! A guaranteed good read for all action loving romantics out there!!                             

Saturday, 8 March 2014

The Beginning

Getting to know the author

I believe before you start reading my advice and opinions, you should know me a little. So if you want to ask me a question about myself, comment it and I’ll see what I can do. Without further ado, me.


Musical Artists- Florence and the Machine, Switchfoot, Barlow Girl, Superchick, Chasing Shadows, Seven Lions, Awolnation, Empire of the sun, Calvin Harris, DJ Triune
Genres- Alternative, Techno, Christian rock, Christian rap, Dance
Novels- the Benedicts series by Joss Stirling, The Grey wolves series by Quinn Loftis, the Shadow Falls series by C.C. Hunter, the Ruby Ring series by Chrissy Peebles, the Starcrossed series by  Josephine Angelini, the Submerged Sun series by Vanessa Garden, the Angelbound series by Christina Bauer, the Alpha Girl series by Aileen Erin
Movies- Phantom of the Opera, The Princess Bride, Avengers, Thor: The dark world, Frozen, Beauty and the beast
Television Shows- Smallville, Doctor who, Merlin, Once Upon a Time, Arrow, Sherlock Holmes
Hobbies- Reading!! Writing!! Dancing!! Singing!! Drawing!! Painting!!


Genres- Country, heavy metal, screamo
Musical Artists- Justine Bieber, Celina Gomez, Miley Cyrus  
Novels- Among the hidden by Margaret Haddix
Movies- Twilight
Television Shows- Dog with a Blog, Say yes to the dress, what not to wear, the next step