Sunday, 9 March 2014

The Best Series Ever (Review)

The Benedicts Series by Joss Stirling  
Five stars!! Amazing! Superb! Addicting!
     This series is perfect, simply perfect. From the character development to the witty humor mixed in. The series depicts the stories of three young adults who meet their soul-mates. Only, in ways you would never expect. Plus, just to make things cooler, they're all Savants. 
       What is a savant, you might ask. A savant is a person with a special ability. For example: Telekinesis, pyrokinesis, time control, mind control, emotion viewing and draining. They are also special because they have the ability to know their soul-mates when they touch them, opening a bond. 
      But oops! I believe that these books are about exceptions to the rule! Each story is masterfully written about three girls (Sky, Phoenix, and Crystal) who meet their soul mates, but have some complication in their bonds and lives. With the dangerous, romantic, and witty atmosphere; the reader is sucked in and hypnotized. For all those with a deeply romantic side, there is the Benedict brothers. These three brothers (out of seven) known as Zed, Xav and Yves, are smokingly attractive, brooding, and kind hearted. So pretty much every girls dream. Don't worry thought! These books aren't just romance and some fluff, they have action, danger, and mystery. Involving life sucking witches, mobsters, and king pins. These books are full of ups and down, left and rights, plot twists and surprises!! A guaranteed good read for all action loving romantics out there!!                             

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