Thursday, 25 December 2014

I Remember You by Cathleen Davitt Bell (Review)

     It hurts me deep inside to read and review a bad book, but if I don't you guys might end up wasting your time, which is something I aim to prevent. So, what are my thoughts on I Remember You... I believe I can adequately compare this book to the color grey. Boring, dull, and slightly depressing.

   Yowza, I Remember You is a very long and discombobulated story that was chock full of unnecessary extra details that had no true impact whatsoever to the plot or character development. In addition, the plot development was weak and that prevents the reader from connecting and understanding the primary characters, Lucas and Juliet. Do I recommend this book? No I definitely do not. Please preserve your time, and do not spend it on I Remember You. I honestly give I Remember You the rating of two stars.
(Advance Readers Copy Review)

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