Saturday, 6 December 2014

Charming by Krystal Wade (Review)

     In this new Young Adult Contemporary Suspense Thriller, Sixteen-year-old Haley Tremaine is sucked into a deadly plan of a mysterious psychopathy who seems to see and know her every move. Her life just goes from bad to worse. Going from being beaten by her abusive alcoholic father regularly, to having everyone in her life being in grave perilous danger, including her father and sister. In this terrifying suspenseful mystery, love blooms between Haley and the drop dead gorgeous Chris Charming. Charming is a re-write of Cinderella, with a dark twist. I found I could not set this books down for a second, aching to find out what would happen next. This story is not in anyway for the feint of heart, with its graphic and violent content. For those who can stand that content, I most definitely recommend Charming! I give Charming the rating of four out of five stars!!
*Advanced Readers Copy Review*

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