Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Christmas Countdown: Day One!

To celebrate the Christmas season, I will be highlighting one Young-Adult giveaway that you simply must enter, every day t'ill Christmas. Here is the Day One giveaway: 

The Determining (The Determining, #1) by Rebecca Grous (Giveaway)

       Charlotte Grey had anticipated her Determining for years, the day when a computer program would read the microchip in her wrist and decide her future. But when the results point her toward the life she'd worked so hard to avoid, she becomes painfully aware of how flawed the system is.
      Before all her chances of happiness are ripped away, Charlotte seizes the opportunity to free herself. But her rebellion has dire consequences. In the midst of fighting for the life she believes will make her happy, she discovers that she's a hotter commodity than she ever could have imagined. With her abusive father, a sadistic suitor, and a political rebel after her, asserting her independence might have been the most dangerous thing she could have done.
Giveaway dates: Nov 04 - Dec 31, 2014
3 copies available
Countries available: US, CA, AU, and GB 

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