Sunday, 3 June 2018

Nine by Zach Hines (Review)

      A stand alone, Nine asks the question: would we value life if we had nine of them? The answer, heck no. Julian is a One. He hasn't died even once yet, but that comes with the problem of not getting any of the physical advancements that comes with dying. For each death, you get tax breaks and stronger, faster, smarter, prettier and more talented. Julian is quite unusual and he is in a lot of danger when the life burners get their sights locked on him. The burners want to burn through their nine lives with blood, violence and glory; and now they want to indicate Julian. They believe that getting to Julian to burn will let them go down in infamy. To top it off, there is a conspiracy that is about to suck the unwitting Julian right into it.
        Nine was a mind bending novel. It addressed a very profound question in suck a strange and specific way. When lives are multiplied, will we still value them? Or will they be commodified? It was a mind game that had me thinking deeply on many aspects of life and death. It really makes the reader think. I found that Julian was an interesting character, since he rebelled so strongly to his culture and world. It was fascinating to follow his perspective on the whole thing, as someone who was raised in this world. All in all, I liked Nine, and I give it the rating of FOUR OUT OF FIVE STARS!!!
*Advanced Readers Copy Review*

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