Thursday, 14 December 2017

Glow (Peril #2) by Joss Stirling (Review)

      Returning into the world of the Perilous, we get thrown back into the story with Kel and Mari as they take on the world with an attempt to end the hatred and killing between their people. Mari is the heir to the thrown of her people, being the last full blooded one of her kind. Because of her genes, because she can see the rainbow light of Peril, many want to force her to be royalty, or want her absolutely dead. They have a lot to deal with if they want to not only get peace, but survive in the first place.
      I think Glow definitely works as a sequel, mainly because it expanded the world and problems being dealt with. I really thought the story picked up at the end and got really exciting. I’m interested to see what the end of the series will hold. I also can’t say I saw the major plot twists comming, and it was a huge surprise to see how (*mini spoiler alert*) quickly the romantic leads were separated at the start of the story. It was a little jarring if I’m honest, since I was just re-aclimating to the story, characters and world. As for the way things ended, can’t say I saw that coming at all.  The book also had fairly good character development. I liked Kel and Mari, but I really took a liking to the side characters like the young perilous boy, the bodyguard/driver, Big Ben and the tech-punk best friend. I also liked Theo, but felt for the most part that I didn’t need much narrative from him to get a little bored, since for the most part he does drive the plot along much. All in all, I enjoyed Glow and give it the rating of FOUR AND A HALF STARS OUT OF FIVE!!!
*Beta-Copy Review*

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