Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Rose Petal Graves (The Lost Clan #1) by Olivia Wildenstein (Review)

      Rose Petal Graves contains a mixture a native culture, magic and fantasy elements. It's unique approach to the combination of native magic and the fae myths make for a weird universe that made its own rules. Catori is a seemingly regular girl when
her life is thrown upside down by the tragic and unexpected death of her mother. When she goes back to her home town to mourn, she find a surprisingly suspicious situation. She is seeing things no body else seems to be able to see, and she believes her mother didn't die of natural causes, but that someone had their hand in her death. On a mission to unravel the mystery of her death, Catori meets both powerful friends and foes.
      Rose Petal Graves was okay, it had some very interesting mythology and mystery, but it's plot seemed to drag on every once and a while, allowing the reader to get more easily board. There were definitely some interesting character choices in this novel. The fae in the book use powder as the source of most of their magic, their powers of deception primarily, but they can actually run out or loose their powder (therefore loosing their powers), which was strange to read and made the fae less powerful in the mind of the readers. I wasn't really the biggest fan of these renditions of fae, but they were not bad altogether. Catori was a meh character, not terrible, just tolerable. Writing wise the narrative voice of the novel was pretty clean and smooth, which was nice. And although the romance in the novel was wish washy, the romantic leads were interesting on their own rights. All in all, Rose Petal Graves was meh, but could potentially be really enjoyed by a different type of reader, therefore I give it the rating of THREE AND A HALF STARS OUT OF FIVE!!!
*Advanced Readers Copy Review*

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