Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Concealed (Beholder #2) by Christina Bauer (Review)

    Second novel in the Beholder series, Concealed continues the action packed story of our necromancer heroine Elea as she tries to save her people from eminent destruction. By incorporating into the royal and fancy, Elea infiltrates her way into royal grounds to search for her stolen sister and brother kidnapped necromancers. Time is ticking and if she doesn't find them soon, then there might not be anybody left to save.
    Interesting and engaging for most of the story, Concealed ratchets up the stakes and increases the danger that Elea faces, as her concerns go from trying to just simply survive to saving the entirety of her people from mass genocide.  In each novel in the series so far, it has felt like Elea has properly matured, making it possible for her to take on the next big challenge to be thrown at her. She is a very well developed character, that is rounded very well throughout each novel. The story's plot was mildly predictable and I was able to guess most of the finale of the novel mid way through. I was still surprised by some details, but the majority of the end could be deduced fairly quickly for somebody who has been exposed to a lot of story telling in their lifetime. It still might surprise some newer readers fairly well. Romance wise, I would not say this book was full of it. It had a few moments here and there, but ultimately was not concentrating on the romance side of things. All in all, Concealed was a good read and I give it FOUR OUT OF FIVE STARS!!!
*Advanced Readers Copy Review*

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