Friday, 10 June 2016

Princess of Tyrone (The Fairytale Galaxy Chronicles #1) by Katie Hamstead (Review)

    In a universe of magic, space travel and fairy-tale creatures, our once beloved stories are retold in a science fiction setting that brings that brings them back to life again. Princess of Tyrone takes the old classic of sleeping beauty and throws it into a intergalactic love story to be remembered. Apolline is the reincarnated princess Aurora. As Apolline travels through her classic story with a modern twist, she is sucked into a world of danger and espionage.
     I enjoyed Princess of Tyrone. I love science fiction and fairy-tales, so the merger just seemed naturally fantastic. Princess of Tyrone did a great job at honoring the original story, while at the same time becoming it's own thing. I loved the characters in this novel. Apolline was very well developed and she was a refreshingly independent and kick-butt take on a very passive and dependent princess. Aurora was never one of my favorite princesses, but Princess of Tyrone made me actually enjoy her story. Besides Apolline, the were her fairies and her true love. Allard plays the role of her prince in this novel and his characters was also fun to read about. The romance between Allard and Apolline was very well written and had plenty of romantic tension, but it also did not take away from the other aspects of the story. Overall, I enjoyed  Princess of Tyrone and I recommend it to fairy-tale lovers for a fun read. I give Princess of Tyrone FOUR OUT OF FIVE STARS!
*Advanced Readers Copy Review*

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