Monday, 11 January 2016

Sacrifice (Elemental #5) by Brigid Kemmerer (Review)

    The fifth installment of the Elemental series, Sacrifice is the story of the oldest and most responsible of the Merrick brothers, Michael. After a tragic and malicious arson of an entire neighborhood, the Merrick brothers are out of house and home and are in grave danger. Being a family of powerful elemental, the brothers are hated and hunted by many. Michael is being stalked by an unknown killer and he will do anything to protect his family and the family of his girlfriend, Hannah.
      The story was good, just not amazing. I enjoyed moments in the novel but ultimately it was hard to love the overall plot. There were things left to be desired in the romance and in the conclusion. I was expecting a large romance to enfold between Hannah and Michael, since portions of the story are told in her perspective, but minus a couple seconds at the end of the novel there was little to no romance whatsoever. The lack of romance was quite disappointing. Action wise, the novel was full of it, from shootings to fighting with elements. Overall the novel was okay. I give sacrifice THREE AND A HALF STARS OUT OF FIVE!!!

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