Friday, 29 January 2016

Ash (Hive Trilogy #1) by Jaymin Eve and Leia Stone (Review)

   In a world of vampires and humans, the Ash arrive. The Ash are a vampire and human hybrid children, and they are always all male. Well, at least until Charlie Bennet comes around. She is the first female Ash ever, but that does not make her life any easier. The Ash are culled and have to fight to the death, and now Charlie is in the culling. In a world full of action, romance, danger and adventure Charlie fights for her life while uncovering the mystery of her existence.
    I very much enjoyed Ash. Charlie is a cool witty character that was very interesting and fun to read about. I was worried about the story because vampires felt a little overdone, but I was pleasantly surprised by how different from the usual vampire stories Ash felt. Romance wise, Ash was pretty good. I really enjoyed the tension between the romantic lead and Charlie. The character developement in this story was also very well done, which did not surprise me because I have read Jaymin Eve's works in the past and each are chock full of unique and awesome characters. I totally recommend Ash and give it the rating of FOUR AND A HALF STARS OUT OF FIVE!!!
*Advanced Readers Copy Review*

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