Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The Beast (The Hunter Legends #1) by Lindsay Mead (Review)

  An epic Steam Punk recreation of the classic Beauty and the Beast, The Beast takes readers on an awesome adventure with danger, action, kick butt-ery and romance. Placing the reader in a French Steam Punk world, they are introduced to Belle LeClair and her band of Hunters. What do they hunt? Hell hounds. Being awesome fighters, they fight to protect their village of Glace from the enormous wolf-beasts. That is, until suddenly everything in Belle's life changes; when Belle's father goes missing.
  I love both Steam Punk and Beauty and the Beast, so the combination of the two was pretty awesome in my eyes. The tale follows closer to the Disney version then the original luckily, so the story is kept fairly light overall. The three most prominent and memorable characters of the story were Belle, the Prince and Gaston. Gaston stuck with me because he was not fully unraveled as a character in the novel, leaving room for him to develop in future novels , which is very good. Belle stuck with me because (besides the fact that she was the main character) of her awesome fighting capabilities. Being the head of the Hunters she has some major fighting abilities, and cool gadgets. That is very different from the original versions of Belle. Its an improvement in my opinion. The Beast/the Prince stuck with me because of his romantic chivalry. I found it super adorable and endearing.
   Overall, The Beast is choke full of epic battle scenes and magical moments. It managed to maintain the original feel of Beauty and the Beast and yet hold its own as a unique world and story. I definitely recommend it, especially to fans of Beauty and the Beast. I give The Beast, FOUR AND A HALF STARS OUT OF FIVE!
*Advanced Readers Copy Review*

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