Thursday, 2 November 2017

Sun Warrior (Tales of a New World #2) by P.C. Cast (Review)

        The second instalment in the Tales of a New World series, Sun Warrior takes off immediately off of where Moon Chosen left off. With the forest on fire and many falling to its flames, good and evil rise to take over. The Skin Stealers plot their take over of the dying tribe of tree and the Earth Walkers plan their new lives as a freed people. Mari is thrust back into the responsibility of saving not only herself, but all of the Earth Walkers and a good piece of the Tribe of Trees as well. Nik, still devastated by the loss of his father, pushes on with the hope of a new beautiful life with Mari and their companions. But Thaddeus's evil is spreading, and that dream is becoming less and less likely.
         I surprisingly loved this book, even more then Moon Chosen. The series seems to get its own two feet in this novel and really hits the ground running. All of the pieces that were being set up start to fall into place in Sun Warrior. I had found the constant narration from Dead Eye to be unappealing and it felt almost pointless, but in Sun Warrior it all comes together and leaves the reader fully engaged. My favourite part of the novel was actually the conclusion because it left me looking forward to the potential of the next novel in the series. Overall, I loved Sun warrior and give it the rating of FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!!!
*Advanced Readers Copy Review*

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